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Food From the Philippines

Variety reigns supreme in Southeast Asian recipes. These recipes from the Philippines move beyond traditional flavors, demonstrating the diversity of regional cuisines.
  1. Desserts, Fruits and Drinks (1)
  2. Entrees & Main Courses (2)
  3. Marinades, Dips & Sauces (1)
  4. Starters & Soups (2)
  5. Vegetables & Salads (1)

Eating at Home in the Philippines
Celebrations are central to the Filipino lifestyle and food is the key to all Filipino festivities. When Filipinos are not partying or celebrating, their daily meals tend to be simpler. Just as in the other Southeast Asian countries, Filipino meals often consist of a soup, a meat dish and a veggie – all eaten together with plain white rice – and finished up with a dessert.

An Introduction to Filipino Culture and Cooking
Filipino cooking and its cultural history in Southeast Asia.

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