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Food From Malaysia

Malaysian Food and Drinks. You will find easy-to-make traditional Malaysian recipes here.
  1. Desserts, Fruits and Drinks (3)
  2. Entrees & Main Courses (3)
  3. Marinades, Dips & Sauces (4)
  4. Rice and Noodle Dishes (4)
  5. Starters & Soups (2)
  6. Vegetables & Salads (2)
  7. Vegetarian Dishes (1)

A Malaysian Party Menu That is Easy to Prepare Ahead
When I ran a Malaysian restaurant in London, diners often asked for different dishes that make up a complete Malaysian meal. This is one of many combinations for a successful dinner party. I have chosen this particular menu as most of these dishes can be prepared way beforehand, needing only to be warmed up when it is time to eat.

Malay Cooking and its Cultural History in Southeast Asia
Malay cooking and its cultural history in Southeast Asia

Basic Cooking Supplies
Herbs and spices are the basis of Southeast Asian cooking, so come and take a look at some of these herbs and spices available in Malaysia.

Malaysian Restaurants in the USA
Find your local Malaysian restaurants in the USA.

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