1. Food
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Entrees & Main Courses

Malaysian Entrees & Main Courses have been influenced over the generations by the spice trade and the influx of migrants from China and India, and yet there are distinctive cuisines found all over Malaysia.

Fried Tamarind Shrimps - Assam Heh
Assam Heh - a nyonya or peranakan favorite from Malaysia. The main ingredients are tamarind and shrimps, and the dish comes out a little smoky like it has been barbecued!

Grilled Skate – Ikan Bakar
Grilled Skate, one of the Ikan Bakar family, is a Malaysian hawker-style Grilled Fish.

Fried Fish in Spicy Sambal Sauce
A great traditional Malay dish that is easy to prepare: simply dress up an ordinary fish with a spicy chilly sauce.

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