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Young Coconut Juice

Young Green Coconut

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How do you differentiate between the coconuts that are suitable for cooking, and the ones used mainly for drinking? If you look at the picture here, you will see that these are the young green coconuts. The skins of these coconuts are green as compared to the old coconuts which are brown, husky and matured.

The majority of the coconut cooking products are produced from the brown, husky and matured variety. Some of these products are coconut milk, extra virgin coconut oil, desiccated coconut and much more.


  • Young Green Coconut


  1. Use a strong heavy knife to cut through the top of the coconut. Make a "squarish" incision so that it is easier to access the coconut juice without losing too much juice. Use a spoon to scrape the flesh off.
  2. Make sure the flesh of the coconut is white and not pink or any other color, which may mean the coconut juice has gone off. Make sure the coconut juice is not sour. Coconut juice is usually clear in color.
  3. Some species will be sweeter than others, and some even have a pandanus flavor.
  4. You may notice that the flesh of different coconuts may vary in tenderness. Some may have very fine thin flesh, without much to chew on – these are the younger coconuts. There are those that have very hard flesh, much of it unedible – these are the older ones. Some people may use this flesh for cook . Then, there are those that are in between which yield lots of soft yummy flesh.
  5. Use a long metal spoon to scoop out the flesh, and you may also drink the coconut juice straight from the fruit with a straw!

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