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Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk


Milk From Mature Coconut

Coconut MIlk (left) and Coconut Cream (right)

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Coconut is the basic foundation for lots of Southeast Asian food. One of the most used coconut byproducts are the coconut cream (thick) and coconut milk (thin), both extracted from brown and mature coconuts after their flesh have matured and hardened up.

Coconut cream is actually the first pressing of the grated coconut – it is thick and it is pure coconut extract. Coconut milk is the second or subsequent pressings and water is added in to extract more milk out of the grated coconut.


  • Grated flesh from a whole mature coconut
  • Cheese cloth


  1. Squeeze the freshly grated coconut flesh in a cheese cloth, allowing the liquid to flow into a bowl – what you get from this first extraction is the thick coconut cream.
  2. Make sure you have squeezed until the grated flesh feels dry. Put the coconut cream aside.
  3. Add some water into the cheese cloth with the grated coconut flesh and squeeze to extract coconut milk into another bowl.
  4. Add as much water as you like and remember that the more water you add, the thinner the coconut milk becomes.

Note : This coconut milk is not suitable for drinking. It is used for cooking. You need the juice from young green coconut for drinking. The juice is clear in color and is contained within the fruit. Mature and brown coconuts also have juice, but it is also not suitable for drinking.

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