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Southeast Asian Food December 2008 Archive


Vietnamese Grilled Fish

Monday December 29, 2008
Looking for an easy recipe to grill or barbecue fish? Then try this scrumptious Vietnamese Grilled Fish. It is easy to make, very tasty and uses an interesting mix of ... Read More

Vietnamese Tamarind Dipping Sauce - Nuoc Cham Me

Tuesday December 23, 2008
This is another of Vietnam’s delicious sauces. It is sweet, tangy and slightly spicy and goes well with grilled seafood, particularly grilled fish. Eat this dish with rice and the ... Read More

Classic Asian Noodles –a Book Review

Sunday December 21, 2008
If you’re looking for traditional Southeast Asian noodle recipes, Lee Geok Boi is the person you should ask. In her book, Classic Asian Noodles, she cooks delicious noodle dishes from ... Read More

Malaysian Belacan Fried Rice with Dried Shrimps

Saturday December 13, 2008
Fried rice is one of Southeast Asia’s simplest one-dish wonders. It is easy to prepare and you can vary the amount and types of ingredients used, to suit your ... Read More

Cambodian Spicy Beef and Aubergine Stew – Samlaw Machou Kroeung

Friday December 5, 2008
The Cambodian Spicy Beef and Aubergine Stew, or known as Samlaw Machou Kroeung , is a fantastic one dish wonder with its multitude tastes of tanginess, salty and spicy. The ... Read More

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