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Satay and Its Sauce

Satay Ayam

Chicken satay is a popular street food of Malaysia and Singapore. Just skewer cubes of marinated chicken and roast them on a barbeque.

The Satay Sauce Family
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Vietnamese Grilled Fish

Monday December 29, 2008

Looking for an easy recipe to grill or barbecue fish? Then try this scrumptious Vietnamese Grilled Fish. It is easy to make, very tasty and uses an interesting mix of herbs.

I cooked this Grilled Fish for my daughter’s birthday dinner a couple of months ago. It was a last minute addition to the menu and came about because my brother had brought a huge 5.5 lb fish to my home the night before. One of his work buddies had given it to him and he thought that it would make a nice centrepiece for the meal.

Eat the Vietnam Grilled Fish with the Vietnamese Tamarind Dipping Sauce and the Vietnamese Side Salad which is not only healthy but also delicious and refreshing!

Photograph © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to About.com

Vietnamese Tamarind Dipping Sauce - Nuoc Cham Me

Tuesday December 23, 2008

This is another of Vietnam’s delicious sauces. It is sweet, tangy and slightly spicy and goes well with grilled seafood, particularly grilled fish.

Eat this dish with rice and the popular Vietnamese Side Salad.

If you would like to try some other Vietnamese dipping sauces, there is also the famous Nuoc Mam Cham , dipping sauce which is lighter in texture and which also uses fish sauce for its base.

Photograph © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to About.com

Classic Asian Noodles –a Book Review

Sunday December 21, 2008

If you’re looking for traditional Southeast Asian noodle recipes, Lee Geok Boi is the person you should ask. In her book, Classic Asian Noodles, she cooks delicious noodle dishes from different parts of Asia.

From a very young age, Lee has preferred noodles over the other Asian staple, rice. Her love for noodles quickly gained her the nickname of “Noodle Queen”. And her love of noodles turned out to be her life long passion.

Lee’s Classic Asian Noodles cook book is comprehensive and includes recipes for making noodles.

The recipes are well-written and the photos are clear and colorful.

Photograph © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to About.com

Malaysian Belacan Fried Rice with Dried Shrimps

Saturday December 13, 2008

Fried rice is one of Southeast Asia’s simplest one-dish wonders. It is easy to prepare and you can vary the amount and types of ingredients used, to suit your taste. Chicken, pork, eggs, all kinds of veggies, fish balls and crab meat are just some of the ingredients that can be added to fried rice.

There are loads of different recipes for fried rice, catering to a great variety of different tastes. Just google ‘fried rice’ and you’ll see what I mean. This recipe is an extremely painless one to cook. It requires few ingredients and has always been a big hit with both my kids.

Turn the spice meter up by serving it with some spicy sambal belacan or diced bird’s eye chilies for the adults

Photograph © Dennis K H Sim, licensed to About.com

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